easy insight into energy flows

We offer compressed air flow meters and industrial energy monitoring solutions.

Our products can be found all over the world. We serve all industrial markets; for example automotive, glass manufacturing, metal processing, food and beverage and consumer goods.

Get real time insight in your energy consumption with our energy monitoring software. Use our compressed air flow meters to check consumption of machines, allocate costs and monitor leakage level.

Are you ready to optimize the energy efficiency of your compressed air system? Would you like to monitor compressed air, and other utilities real-time via your web browser? We can help you from our sales & marketing office in the UK. Contact us today!


Metal processing industry solutions
Metal processing industry solutions

Removal of debris from metal working processes, also called chips, is one of the most neglected applications of compressed air.

Glass Production Industry solutions
Glass Production Industry solutions

In a glass packaging plant, a VPVision system with over 20 compressed air flow meters keeps an eye on compressor efficiency and leakages.

Food & Beverage Industry Solutions
Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

Kikkoman Netherlands uses a VPVision system with eight flow meters to monitor compressed air leakage and to allocate costs to various production lines.

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